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Moot Court

Moot Court basically means a replica of a real court where legal proceedings and trials take place and thus it is also known as a Mock Court where students who are studying law act as professional and take up all the responsibilities and duties according to their role to see their ability to think creatively and answer convincingly when questioned and show their oratory, writing and persuasive skills.
Moot Court is a way a student is groomed as a proper lawyer. It is one of the modern methods of giving practical knowledge to the students by putting them in a hypothetical situation similar to that of a real court and then the two teams each on one side argue upon fictional cases and those questions of law with are debatable in reality and which have not been binded or are still the lawmakers are silent on some facts. Moot Court, now is one of the biggest and efficient sources from where people get the education and imbibe all the qualities and skill that a lawyer require.

Law Library

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.” Albert Einstein (1879-1955. Theoretical physicist)

The law affects all aspects of our lives. Our society is built upon laws, and there are more than enough rules and legal jargon to confuse us eternally. This is where law libraries step in. Law libraries are impactful beyond imagination. They exist all around the world for multiple reasons, from educating eager learners to helping the public navigate complex information. While they are fundamental in supporting the justice .
Keeping in view the aims and objectives of the Law School, the library has been planned and is being developed by a team of qualified professional library staff and guided by professors. The library at Acropolis Institute of Law (AIL) is designed to assist students who find it important to determine the state of the Law. AIL has managed to create a well-stocked and updated library is a pre-requisite and a significant part for providing knowledge at all levels of legal education.

AIL is continuously updated with latest books and other resources so as to assist students in keeping up with the current and contemporary issues. AIL library has a large collection of books related to law and pre-law. The main hallmark of AIL library is the collection of various national as well as international authors additionally , All India Reporter, Supreme Court Cases, journals Reports.

The Knowledge Resource Centre is digitized and with the subscription of online search engine “SCC” online and Hein online and other digital resources.


Spacious audio-visual classrooms provide students with the latest study material and keep them in touch with lectures taking place in other leading institutes of India as well.

The institute has sufficient number of well-equipped seminar halls with suitable learning environment. These halls are constantly being used for guest lectures and other specialized events like conferences & seminars.


We have a well-furnished, centrally air conditioned auditorium fully equipped with modern gadgets and has a seating capacity of more than 250 students. It is used on a regular basis for various academic activities like training sessions, guest lectures, conferences, MDPs, EDPs, FDPs, pre-placement talks and several cultural activities.


A clean and hygienic canteen provides meals and snacks to students through the day. Serious attention is paid on quality control of all food material, the cooking methods, hygiene and sanitation. It is also ensured by constant interaction between the management/canteen committee and the contractor that variety as per the requirement of students is maintained in the canteen menu.


As much effort and dedication as we put in educating our students, equal importance do we give to their fitness. We encourage sports and games, so that our students stay fit in body and fresh in mind. Sport activities provide them a distraction from the pressure of studies and also inculcate in them qualities of sportsmanship and leadership. Adequate facilities are available in the college campus, spread over a vast area, for sports and other recreational activities. Highly maintained hockey, football, cricket, basketball, volley ball and Kho-kho grounds are available where students play regularly.

Indoor sports facilities such as chess, carom, table tennis etc. are available in the indoor sports complex created in the campus. Our students have been consistently selected to represent the institute at state and national level sports competitions

GD Room

As a supplement to formal classroom teaching we also organize group discussions on wide ranging topics cutting across formal course outline. These GDs are organized in a room specially designed for the purpose, with a capacity of 20 students. The discussions are conducted with a strict academic point of view and under faculty surveillance.

Co-curricular & Extra-curricular

The institute has always given a lot of importance and encouragement to curricular and extra-curricular activities believing in the maxim – “A healthy body houses a healthy mind”. Several competitions are organised on a regular basis to give the students a chance to showcase their skills. Events like Tech-Fest give our students a platform to experiment with and execute their technical know-how and talents. Cultural evenings give them opportunities to enthral themselves and the audience with their artistic skills. Students are encouraged to participate in competitions and festivals of other colleges like the IITs, NITs, etc. Acropolis is also among the few top colleges of India received invitation from Amdocs to participate in its prestigious annual coding competition Code-Mania 2012.

English Language Lab

There is a unique English language laboratory at Acropolis that facilitates the students in acquiring language skills by improving their diction, pronunciation, presentation & communication skills through activities like group discussions, personality development sessions, etc.

This adequately prepares students to find better prospects in the corporate world after graduation.

Hobby Club

Each student is gifted with a unique set of talents. Keeping this in mind the institute has formed ‘Yavnika Hobby Club’ which is an excellent avenue to unfold the innate potential of the students. The focus of the club activities is primarily to help the students develop their talents through activities that range from music, dance, art and craft, dramatics, or any other creative or technical interests. This way the students get a chance of enhancing their skills and their creativity gets an open platform. Getting involved in such activities increase confidence and presentation skills of the students and help them to perform better in their academics as well. All the club activities are conducted under the active supervision of a committee formed of highly capable and intellectual members from various fields of art, craft & technology.


The institute has tie-ups with various hostels such as SMJ Girls’ Hostel and others which are secured and made comfortable with facilities like mess, common rooms equipped with television, indoor sports, internet facility, telephone, etc.

Annual Function​

Ardor, the annual cultural festival of Acropolis is an event full of colourful performances, excitement and enjoyment.  The students take complete responsibility of the event, right from planning and organising to execution. Competitions like dance, singing, musical games and fine arts bring out the best of the artistic talents of the students. The annual function also gives the audiences a distinct flavour with exciting and colourful activities like special performances, fashion shows, etc.