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Women Cell

Women Cell


About Women Cell

The Acro Women Cell was established with the mission of making the women globally oriented, educated & self reliant

  • The Women’s Cell at Acropolis Institute , Indore will be set up with the aim of providing women a platform to complain about any unwelcome behavior.
  • To facilitate a gender-sensitive and congenial working environment at Acropolis Institute, Indore so that women at work place are not subjected to gender specific discrimination or sexual harassment.
  • The Women’s Cell at acropolis Institute will assist all women in achieving their full potential in education, career and personal life through academic and intellectual growth, professional development and personal empowerment


Objectives The Acro Women Cell would

  • Assist women in achieving full potential in education, career & personal life through academic & intellectual growth and personal empowerment.
  • cell would facilitate congenial working environment for women.
  • cell would encourage entrepreneurship in women & it would promote economic, political & social empowerment.>
  • cell would facilitate & inspire females for attaining higher education so that the future scope is maximized.
  • cell would organize awareness programs & camps for the less privileged women in the society.


Strategies To bring about the empowerment in women, the Acro Women Cell would nurture

  • Professional etiquette & attitude.
  • Personality development & confidence
  • Women entrepreneurship programs.
  • Self defense classes
  • Class room management
  • Faculty development Programs
  • Expert lectures
  • Time management
  • Political empowerment and leadership
  • Career awareness program
  • Workshops on interviewing techniques
  • Stress relieving workshops
  • Spiritual Workshops
  • The cell would arrange for get together, weekly discussions, rape/sexual assault support groups
  • The cell would check for proper facilities like Technically sound environment Commutation facility and library facilities
  • Developing an healthy and hygienic environment
  • offer short-term individual and group counseling
  • provide information, support, and intervention to women faculty, staff, and students on matters as salary, promotion & tenure decisions.

Core Members 

Dr. PRASANNA SHAHASHCONVENERprasannashah@acropolis.in
MS. AARTI SHARMAASHSECRETARYartisharma@acropolis.in
Dr. ANUPAMA TIWARIASHTREASURERanupamatiwari@acropolis.in
MS.SHRUTI CHAITANYAASHMEMBERshrutichaitanya@acropolis.in
Ms. SUSHMA PATIDARASHMEMBERsushmapatidar@acropolis.in
Ms. RASHMI THAKURASHMEMBERrashmithakur@acropolis.in
MS. GARIMA GUBEYASHMEMBERgarimadubey@acropolis.in
MS. ROOPALI JAINASHMEMBERroopalijain@acropolis.in
MS. ANITA AGRAWALASHMEMBERanitaagrawal@acropolis.in
MS.SUSHMA KHATRICSMEMBERSkhatri10@gmail.comsushmakhatri@acropolis.in
MS.VANDANA KATECSMEMBERpreetikasaxena@acropolis.in
MS.  PRIYANKA JANGDEITMEMBERpriyankapande@acropolis.in
MS.VAISHALI JAINITMEMBERvaishalijain@acropolis.in
MS.SWAPNA  PILLAIECMEMBERswapnapillai@acropolis.in
MS.JYOTI  PIPARIYAECMEMBERjyotipipariya@acropolis.in



MS GARIMA SAKARGAYENBSCMEMBERgarimasakargayen@acropolis.edu.in
MS.RUPALI  BHARGAVAPHARMACYMEMBERrupalibhargava@acropolis.edu.in
MS. DEVITA SONIPHARMACYMEMBERdevitasoni@acropolis.edu.in
MS. ANKITA MANEPHARMACYMEMBERankitamane@acropolis.edu.in
MS.ANSHU THAKURMBAMEMBERanshuthakur@acropolis.edu.in



MS. VINITHA HIYERMCAMEMBERvinithahiyer@acropolis.in
MS.PRIYANKA RAJEADMIN.MEMBERrichamukati@acropolis.in
Advisors of the women cell – Dr. Shilpa Bhalerao and Dr. Anita Thakur

Inauguration The Acro Women Cell was inaugurated on 30th April 2010 by Anne F. Stenhammer, the regional director of United Nations Development fund for Women (UNIFEM) for South Asia. She is in charge of UNIFEM activities in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh & Nepal. She said UNIFEM’s objective is to promote gender equality & make women self dependent. UNIFEM also has programmes for women in their fight against AIDS. She said United Nations Development Fund was also looking into the impact of climate change on women farmers. “About 90 percent of food production is done by women”. She remarked. Ms. Stenhammer appreciated the foundation of women cell at Acropolis. If the education institutes initiate such work there would be a definite up liftment of women, she commented. Anne F. Stenhammer was briefed about the strategies & initiatives of women cell to accomplish the mission by the convener of the women cell Dr. Mona Nagar. Inaugural News of Women Cell.

  • Aerobics training on 7th September 2013
  • Saamna: Unfolding the Strength of Women: 31st Mar-1st Feb 2013
  • Women Cell organized a Marathon on 25th March 2012
  • Women Cell organized other activities
  • An Expert Lecture by the Eminent Speaker Suraj ji Bardia